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The Way of the Gospel – the path of missionary discipleship – has always been adapted by every generation to fit the local circumstances.

How this is arranged has varied according to time and place. How might our local communities of faith continue to address the missionary call of the Gospel into the future? How might we invite people into the fullness of the Gospel of life, and do so with a sense of vibrancy and vitality?

At St. Joseph’s, we are embarked on our Mission, as described by Archbishop Comensoli.

Read updates on our progress towards becoming a missionary parish.


JoCare is a free service supported by St Joseph’s Malvern and Cabrini Health. The vision of JoCare is directed to encouraging friendship and support within neighbourhoods in the local Malvern area. Residents in the Malvern area are welcome as volunteers or recipients of the services offered by JoCare.

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