Welcome to St. Joseph’s Parish

At St. Joseph’s we long to be …

  • a community of people with Christ present among us,
  • inclusive of all people and all cultures,
  • open to give of our talents and wisdom,
  • ready to grow in understanding of our faith,
  • prepared to help the poor, the alienated and the struggling,
  • and willing to celebrate Christ’s presence in our worship and our life.

St. Joseph’s is a child-safe parish. At St. Joseph’s we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children, young people and the vulnerable as a central and fundamental responsibility of our parish.


JoCare is a free service supported by St Joseph’s Malvern and Cabrini Health. The vision of JoCare is directed to encouraging friendship and support within neighbourhoods in the local Malvern area. Residents in the Malvern area are welcome as volunteers or recipients of the services offered by JoCare.

It is expected that volunteers or recipients will come from a wide cross-section of our local community. Some will undertake JoCare service as an expression of their Christian faith in action. Others see their service to their neighbour as a means of connecting with others and as fulfilling their desire to build community. Read more …

Acknowledgement of Country

An Acknowledgement of Country is a way of showing awareness of and respect for the traditional Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owners of the land on which a meeting or event is being held, and of recognising the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to their Country. […]

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Social catch up

All parishioners are warmly invited to a social catch up over coffee after the 10am mass on Sunday 29th April at Caffe La Via […]

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On what does our peace depend?

In this week’s Gospel Jesus says to his disciples “peace be with you.” What does this peace mean? I think it invites us to think about what our sense of peace is dependent upon? Does it depend upon everything in our life going right and that we have no issues or problems to deal with? As idyllic as that would be (and who would not want that?) it is not reality and it is not the kind of peace that Jesus was talking about […]

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Wounds are Redemptive

This Sunday’s Gospel is all about woundedness; the invisible wounds of unbelief that were present in Thomas and the visible wounds of Jesus. Jesus freely shows his wounds to Thomas in order to demonstrate that, rather than being a thing of shame, they are a sign of victory. They are now part of who he now is as risen Lord […]

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Reaching Out

I believe the challenge for our parish community is to grow in our outreach to others. At present we have two groups in our parish who seek to serve others in the wider community. The Refugee Support Group seeks to support and be a voice of advocacy for those who come to our shores as refugees and asylum-seekers. JoCare provides companionship and support within neighbourhoods in the local Malvern area. […]

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