A message from Fr. Alan

Weekend Masses at St. Joseph’s

Great to see the increasing numbers of people wanting to return to Church last week. The hard part was being unable to admit some parishioners into the Church last Sunday morning because of the current restrictions.

Since that happened, I have received a few queries over the past couple of days about the possibility of increasing our current capacity of 70? In response I would like to say that the Church was carefully measured just prior to Christmas. I was there to assist. The current measurements ensure that the physical distance between people not from the same family or from the same household remains at 1.5metres. The distancing of 1.5metres applies whether people in front, behind, beside or are situated diagonally to us. The guidelines from the Archdiocese are specific. If that distancing cannot be maintained, then the wearing of masks is required. The Church was measured so that our parish would be in a position where parishioners could attend Church and not have to wear masks as soon as the Victorian Government restrictions were lifted.

The second thing I would like to say is that whilst it is pleasing to see a succession of days where there is no record of community transmissions of the virus, we cannot afford to become complacent. Late last week I was informed that a Church in the local area received a visit from the police without notice. The purpose of the visit was to carry out an inspection to determine whether that Church was following all the COVID-19 guidelines. As things stand if our parish were inspected without warning we would be compliant with government regulations because of the measures currently put in place.

The Parish Pastoral Council met during this week to look at ways of how our Parish can accept everyone who wants to come to Church on the weekend. One possibility is to have another Mass. However, to do that more people are required to come forward and volunteer to help. Another alternative to that is we can increase our capacity but only on the condition that everyone would have to wear masks for the duration of Mass.

Finance Report

A report on our Parish Finances will be given at both of our Masses next weekend.

Return to Cabrini – Saturday 13 March

Mass on Saturday evenings at 6.00pm in Cabrini Chapel will return on Saturday 13th March. This is good news. Those attending will need to complete all check-in requirements at the entrance of the hospital and use the QR Code prior to entering the Chapel. At this stage the numbers are limited to 75 only.

Book on the life of Fr. Peter Robinson

Last week I was given three copies of a book on the life of Fr. Peter Robinson. I am pleased to say that they all went very quickly. In response to requests I have ordered and received 10 more copies.


This year we currently have one person going through the RCIA Programme. Her name is Jenny Nicholson, and she works at Cabrini, Malvern. Jenny will be introduced to the Parish Community at the 6.00pm Mass this Saturday 13th March. Please make her feel welcome.

Future Planning Group

Late last year I mentioned that a Future Planning Group was formed for the purpose of looking at what is the vision for our Parish in the next 20 years. It was decided that the first step was to consult both our Parish and School Communities. For this purpose a survey has been put together which all parishioners and school families are invited to complete. Please go to this link. I encourage all to please complete this survey. For those who cannot access this survey electronically paper copies are available at the back of the Church.