A Message from Fr. Alan

Masses at St. Joseph’s Parish, Malvern

Last week we received updated guidelines from the Archdiocese (dated 8th April 2021). Unfortunately, unlike other sectors, there has been very little change to the regulations regarding places of worship. This is the reason why nothing has been changed as to what is currently in place and is to remain for the next few weeks.

If by any chance a change is possible prior to my return from holiday I ask for your patience in waiting until I get back whereupon it will be immediately dealt with.

Here is a link ….. to an interesting article regarding the transmission of the Corona Virus in a Church setting.

Fr. Alan Absence

Fr Alan will be away on holidays and a meeting in Sydney from Sunday afternoon 18th April and will return to the parish on Wednesday evening 5th May. Fr Sebastian and Fr Ditia will look after the weekend Masses in Fr Alan’s absence. There will be no weekday Mass on a Tuesday during that time. The weekday Mass on a Tuesday will recommence on Tuesday 11th May at 9.15am.

Project Compassion

The basket will be at the back of the Church this weekend for anyone still wishing to return their Project Compassion Boxes and Envelopes.