Oaks Day Lunch

Everyone is racing to book in for the inaugural Oaks Day Lunch, organised by St. Joseph’s Refugee Support Group.
Where: The Malvern Vale Hotel
When: Thursday 9 November at 12:30pm
Tickets: $45.00

  • Much fun to be had …
  • Tickets are expected to sell quickly so don’t miss out!
  • Racing enthusiasts catered for …
  • Fashionable Fellow welcome …
  • Complimentary Champagne on arrival …
  • Fashion – the order of the day, including judging for most glamourous Hat Award …
  • Get in early for your tickets, this is an event not to be missed, a fun day is assured …

Phone bookings may be made to Barbara Horrigan on 9509 9335, Mary McCormick on 9804 3441, or Peta Taylor on 0408 456 242, or online at TryBooking.

Parish Stewardship Program – Week 2

Our Stewardship Program continues this week as we focus on how Our Parish Community values engagement.

A number of our parishioners will speak at Masses this weekend and will share with us the importance of our parish in their lives. They will discuss their own experiences and encourage us all to be actively involved in parish life by joining and participating in our parish groups and ministries. We thank them for sharing their stories.

Letter Delivery
Thank you to the people who picked up their letters last week and to the wonderful people who delivered such a large number. If you were away last weekend, please pick up yours today. If anyone can help by delivering a few more today, it will be very much appreciated, as the remainder has to be posted on Monday.

Parish Ministries
Please review the list of ministries found in the ‘Time and Talent Sheet’, then prayerfully discern what special skills and talents God might be calling you to share in our parish or community.

Through the gifts of time and talent that our parishioners so generously share we are able to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our parish and community. Many thanks to all those faithful and generous stewards in our parish!

Parish Stewardship Programme

Our Parish Stewardship Program officially commences this weekend and will run for four weeks.

Under the banner of Parishes – the heartbeat of the Church, the Program will provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a member of Our Parish Community here at St Joseph’s Parish. Please participate in the Program, making time to read the materials, listen to our speakers and discuss the issues raised with your families and fellow parishioners.

At all Masses this weekend we will hear from parishioners who have kindly accepted to be part of the Program Leadership Team. They will invite your support and introduce a special message of welcome from the Vicar General of the Archdiocese, Monsignor Greg Bennet.

As you are leaving the church today please collect your individually addressed envelope which contains the Program brochure, a Time & Talent sheet listing the groups and ministries available in the parish, as well as a covering letter from Fr Laurie. The letters for our active Parishioners are in alphabetical order of surname. Members of the Program Leadership Team will be on hand at all Masses to assist with any queries. They will assist you in obtaining a replacement if you cannot find your letter.

Letter Delivery
If anyone can help deliver left over letters, we would love to see you in St Joseph’s Church, at 10.00am on Tuesday October 10.. The more volunteers, the less postage will be needed.

Please join us in praying for the success of our Stewardship Program:

Lord, we thank you for calling us to be your Church.
Through our Baptism we are called to service and to witness.
In the Eucharist we sustain and strengthen that call.
By serving others we follow your example and proclaim our beliefs.
By our Christian generosity we demonstrate our love and care.
Lord, help us always to worship you as you deserve,
to grow in faith and service
and to give without counting the cost.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Parish Pastoral Council Update

The past weeks have seen much for the people of St Joseph’s to be involved with. We were very fortunate to have Delsie Lillyst, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Officer from the Catholic Education Office present our last “Hot Button” session for the year. Delsie drew strong comparison between Aboriginal culture and spirituality and our beliefs as Catholics and the practices of the church. For those who were unable to attend, a summary is being prepared and will be included in a bulletin in the next few weeks. We feel there was so much valuable information that it needs to be shared with the parish community.

The Hot Button sessions which were introduced to the parish by Father Laurie shortly after his arrival have been a rich source of thought-provoking and at times challenging information. The PPC believes that these sessions should continue next year. We would be interested in your feedback and ideas, please share any thoughts you have with members of the council.

The council continues to discern the information obtained from the Church Life Survey. There is much to absorb and discuss and we are hopeful it will provide us with useful information going forward. The calendar for next year is in the planning phase with many of the familiar events and programs being included as well as the addition of new ideas and initiatives.

As we approach the later part of the year the pace of Parish life will continue to be brisk. I ask you to take note of all dates and activities noted in the weekly bulletin so you remain abreast of all that is happening. A particular date for all to note is Sunday 10th of December, the Parish Appreciation BBQ; this will be a special day and we hope many of you will be present.

Working Bee for Stewardship Program

There will be a working bee on Wednesday 4th October at 9.45am (after morning Mass) in the Presbytery Meeting Room, to package envelopes with special materials for the Stewardship program, which commences next week. If you are able to help us fold and prepare these envelopes please come along and share a cuppa and some fun with your fellow parishioners. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Please join our parish community in praying for the success of the Program.

Differences That Time Makes

Attached to our parish bulletin this weekend is a statement from the Catholic and Lutheran churches on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It all began when Martin Luther, on the 31st October 1517, posted on the church door of Wittenberg his ninety-five theses about the abuses he saw in the church.

For the early part of my life my thinking was shaped by the teachings of the Counter-Reformation – the priorities articulated by the church as it reacted to the reformers. A key influence in the Catholic church of my upbringing was the teaching of the Council of Trent which sought to counter the reformist teaching of Luther, Calvin, the English reformers following Henry VIII. The Catholic reaction focused on the sacraments, the teaching authority of the Magisterium (papal and episcopal), the formation of priests etc. At the personal level I and many of my contemporaries came to see the heretical teachings of other churches as so opposed to what we believed the church of Jesus Christ should be. We believed and taught that the Catholic Church of Rome was the one, true church.

Vatican II changed all that! An enlightened understanding of the role of history, the central role of Scripture and the development of doctrine bore fruit in the efforts made to reach out to the other churches. Over the last fifty years many of us have come to appreciate the riches in other ecclesial communities. This has required great efforts to search for the truth together among the many hurts and misunderstandings that centuries of conflicts have contributed to.

I have been privileged over a number of years to participate in the national Roman Catholic – Lutheran dialogue. Through study, dialogue, and friendship I have reassessed the understanding I had of Protestants for much of my early life. Luther’s prophetic outburst about the church of his day has now been reassessed and valued in a new way. His translation of the bible opened the word of God to any person who could read. His core insight about justification by faith has now been accepted. To quote the words of the Statement: “Together we confess that it is solely by grace and through faith that we are justified and not through our own merits.” These, and many other teachings, have now evolved into a richer Catholic theology.

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation offers us all an opportunity to thank God that through the conflicts, hatred, and misunderstandings of the past we are now standing at the beginning of a new era in which we must work for the unity of Christ’s church for which he prayed.

Fr. Laurie

Parish Stewardship Program 2017

Our Parish Stewardship Program commences in two weeks. Under the banner of Parishes – the heartbeat of the Church, the Program will provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a member of Our Parish Community here at St Joseph’s Parish.

Stewardship recognizes that everything we are and everything we have is a gift from God. Genuine thanksgiving means using those gifts as God would want – developing them and sharing them with others. It is our responsibility as good stewards in St Joseph’s Parish to respond to the words of Pope Francis – “…to set ourselves on the ideals of service that makes our talents fruitful.”

Flower Ministry – Volunteers Needed

Do you –

  • Have a love and flair for creating flower arrangements?
  • Enjoy participating in a team environment and sharing your skills?

Our team needs volunteers to create the flower arrangements in our Church. If you are interested, our team would love to hear from you.

Please contact Chris at the Parish Office or on 85087202.

For any queries regarding the team’s duties, please contact Lisa Cimino on 0408 270 002.

Assisted Dying and Euthanasia Bill

After a further delay it is now anticipated that debate on this Bill will commence during the sitting period beginning Tuesday, 17th Oct. This means that letters to our representatives in parliament against the Bill will be received in time provided that they are mailed by Monday, 9th October. Short, hand written letters are effective. All information, addresses and short sample letters are available from the back of the church.

Petition Update
Copies of the Petition against this proposed legislation that were signed by 217 parishioners have been delivered to the offices of the six members of the Upper House representing our Southern Metropolitan Region. We are still awaiting a date for a promised meeting with our local Lower House member, Hon. Michael O’Brien.  

JoCare news

JoCare Gathering
Tuesday morning was a wonderful morning of friendship. Thank you to those who attended and welcomed those who joined us from the local Malvern area. The new large scrabble board was a hit and encouraged much competitiveness amongst the players. The card players taught new games to new players.

Come and join us next month, everyone is welcome to join us for games or just a chat.

JoCare Home visitors
Thank you to those who responded to the request for home visitors last weekend. A Training Day will be held on Tuesday 22nd August from 10.00am to 3.00pm.
Lunch will be provided. Please contact the office if you are interested in becoming a home visitor and didn’t respond last weekend. For further information email us or phone 8508 7207.