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Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden was built in 2000 in honour of the deceased Parishioners of St Joseph’s.

With more frequent cremations, it was thought that a Memorial Garden would be an appropriate way by which we could mark the Great Jubilee Year of 2000, a place for parishioners to be buried near the Church they loved, and a place of prayer and devotion for the families of the Parish.

Some facts about the Memorial Garden:

  • The cremated remains are deposited in a special place within the Memorial Garden.
  • A memorial plaque is placed on the Church’s “Wall of Memory”. Please note: there are no plaques located in the Memorial Garden itself.

The placement of cremated remains in St Joseph’s Memorial Garden is restricted to those persons who were parishioners at the time of their death or, if non-parishioners at the time of their death, had previously worshipped in the parish.

Sometime after the funeral of the deceased parishioner, the family may contact the Parish Office and arrange a time and date for an interment liturgy.

The Book of Remembrance is located in a glass cabinet within the Church. The name of any deceased Parishioner, or family / friend of a Parishioner, may be inscribed. The deceased is then placed on the prayer list for the Parish on their anniversary.

For further information about the Memorial Garden or Book of Remembrance, please contact the Parish Office.


The parish gratefully accepts bequests or donations from generous Parishioners. For further information about including the Parish in your will, please contact the Parish Office.