Glorifying God

In the Gospel Jesus prays,’ Father, glorify your name.’ Then we hear the response ‘I have glorified it and I will glorify it again.’ How do we glorify God’s name?

  1. By forgiving our enemies and praying for them. How we are to forgive is to forgive as God forgives. We hear that from our First Reading from the prophet Isaiah where God says, ‘I will forgive their iniquity and will never call their sin to mind.’ I remember my maternal grandmother telling me as a young man, ‘Alan you must forgive and when you do you never bring the matter up again.’
  2. Fasting from the temptation to pay people back when they have hurt us. Jesus forgave his enemies from the cross.
  3. Be kind. We have all been affected by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and nobody knows how long they will last. The best response in a time of uncertainty where the answers are yet to be revealed is to keep being kind to one another.
  4. Praise God even though things are not going well. I was thinking of the words of Habakkuk Chapter 3 where he said, ‘even though the fig fails to produce fruit on the vine and stalls stand empty of cattle, yet I will rejoice in the Lord.’
  5. Keeping your promises. In the first reading it tells how God made a promise to us that he will always be with us and love us no matter what. God’s faithfulness calls for a response from us to be faithful to God and to one another.
  6. Dying unto self. It is when we give up the temptation to be selfish and practice almsgiving by giving to others both of our time and our money that we find life.
  7. Practice submitting humbly to doing things we don’t like to do but know it will help others. Christ did not like the idea of going to the cross. His prayer in the garden of Gethsemane tells us that. Yet the Second Reading tells us that he submitted humbly through obedience. We all have things we put on the long finger. We know that doing them is the right thing to do but is something that we do not relish. Let us follow the example of Jesus who kept moving forward.
  8. Be inclusive of others. At the beginning of today’s Gospel, it tells us that Jesus went up to Jerusalem for the Passover and some Greeks were present. This tells us something about the future of Christianity, that it was going to extend beyond Israel. Who do we need to include in our Community and in our daily lives?

What is it within me that needs to die so that God’s name may be glorified in my life?