Parish News – 21 July

Special Collection next weekend 27/28 July for ACYF Next weekend there will be a leaving collection at all masses. This collection will be taken up in support of young people in the Archdiocese wishing to attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth from 7-10 December who would otherwise not be able to do so due to financial constraints. Anyone wishing to donate can do by placing their donation in the collection basket at the end of mass. In addition, the parish will have a donation point tap machine at the back of the Church purely for this purpose should anyone wish to donate electronically. The amount will be set at $10.00.

Communion Commitment – Children making their First Holy Communion in the Parish this year will make their commitment at the masses in the parish this weekend. Please offer these children your prayerful support.

 De La Salle Students – will take part in the liturgy at our 10am Mass next Sunday 28th July. They will proclaim the readings, do the prayers of the faithful as well as bring up the gits of bread and wine at the offertory. Please make them feel welcome.

Open House Melbourne – Next Saturday our parish church will be open for inspection on Saturday 27th July from 10am-4pm as part of Open House Melbourne. Open House Melbourne is an independent organisation that fosters public appreciation for architecture and public engagement in conversations about the future of our cities. Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has facilitated more than 900,000 visits to 934 sites across Melbourne, enabling 229,660 people to explore and celebrate their city.

Fr Alan Absence – Fr. Alan will be absent from the parish this week from 24-26 July attending meetings in Sydney. As a result, there will be no mass or communion service in the parish next Friday 26th July.

Ministry to those with hearing difficulties – The parish has sought to assist parishioners with hearing difficulties by printing the Gospel readings in the bulletin each Sunday in addition to the reflection on the readings. Should anyone still experience further difficulties please contact John Davies who would only be too happy to assist with showing how the hearing system in the church works.