Oaks Day Lunch

COme to the Oaks Day Lunch in aid of the Refugee Support Group

Parish Stewardship Program – Week 2

Being a Catholic involves a conscious commitment that shapes our ordinary daily lives. Have you completed your ‘Time and Talent’ form yet? If you’re already involved in a Ministry, please complete a new form so we know you want to continue …

Parish Stewardship Programme

Our Parish Stewardship programme commences this week. Can you help distribute the letters tomorrow?

Parish Pastoral Council Update

Sonia Rohan reports on activities sponsored by the Parish Council …

Working Bee for Stewardship Program

The Stewardship program commences next week. Can you help us prepare the materials for the program on Wednesday 4 October?

Differences That Time Makes

Fr. Laurie comments on the joint statement of the Catholic and Lutheran Churches in Australia on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Parish Stewardship Program 2017

The Parish Stewardship program commences on 8 October. Stewardship recognizes that everything we are and everything we have is a gift from God.

Flower Ministry – Volunteers Needed

The team that arranges flowers in the Church needs more members. If you have a talent for flower arranging, they would welcome you.

Assisted Dying and Euthanasia Bill

Make sure your letters to MPs arrive at their offices by 9 October. MPs’ addresses and short sample letters are available from the back of the church.

JoCare news

JoCare Gathering Tuesday morning was a wonderful morning of friendship. Thank you to those who attended and welcomed those who joined us from the local Malvern area. The new large scrabble board was a hit and encouraged much competitiveness amongst the players. The card players taught new games to new players. Come and join us […]