Parish Pastoral Council Update

The past weeks have seen much for the people of St Joseph’s to be involved with. We were very fortunate to have Delsie Lillyst, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Officer from the Catholic Education Office present our last “Hot Button” session for the year. Delsie drew strong comparison between Aboriginal culture and spirituality and our beliefs as Catholics and the practices of the church. For those who were unable to attend, a summary is being prepared and will be included in a bulletin in the next few weeks. We feel there was so much valuable information that it needs to be shared with the parish community.

The Hot Button sessions which were introduced to the parish by Father Laurie shortly after his arrival have been a rich source of thought-provoking and at times challenging information. The PPC believes that these sessions should continue next year. We would be interested in your feedback and ideas, please share any thoughts you have with members of the council.

The council continues to discern the information obtained from the Church Life Survey. There is much to absorb and discuss and we are hopeful it will provide us with useful information going forward. The calendar for next year is in the planning phase with many of the familiar events and programs being included as well as the addition of new ideas and initiatives.

As we approach the later part of the year the pace of Parish life will continue to be brisk. I ask you to take note of all dates and activities noted in the weekly bulletin so you remain abreast of all that is happening. A particular date for all to note is Sunday 10th of December, the Parish Appreciation BBQ; this will be a special day and we hope many of you will be present.