Parish Pastoral Council Update

The sixth meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council was held on 18th July 2018.

The Parish Pastoral Council welcomes feedback on the National Church Life Survey Summary distributed on the weekend 16-17th June, copies are available at the back of the Church. Any feedback will be appreciated and followed up.

With interest in deepening and building up of connections in our community and faith, there will be opportunities for conversation and sharing during masses in August. The focus will be on the sharing of “story.” Further information will be provided.

It is getting closer to the Christmas in July parish lunch. Remaining tickets will be sold after the Sunday masses this weekend. We encourage anyone who still hasn’t bought
tickets to do so. We look forward to sharing lunch and conversation with familiar and new faces alike. Parish Council members will be on hand to ensure everyone feels welcomed.

The well loved after mass ‘cuppa’ has resumed monthly at the back of the Church, after the 10am mass on the 1st Sunday of the month, and was well received and attended. All are invited to share in the monthly cuppa, biscuits and conversation. Thank you to Shahan and Fr Alan for organising this, and for coinciding this with the monthly Children’s Mass.

Ministry formation sessions will continue throughout the year. Interest continues to be sought particularly in the Baptism Ministry and Mass Co-Ordination. 

Future dates are being considered and planned for in the parish calendar for the inclusion of the Acknowledgement of Country. These will include prominent parish events and
special days of the year.

Recommended books by Fr Alan will be soon be placed at the back of the Church for easier access and availability. The books are available for all to borrow.

We welcome our newest Parish Council member, Br Michael Carroll. We look forward to incorporating Br Michael’s insights and contributions in promoting the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in the world around us.