Last week we were invited to look at how we pray and when we pray. This week’s Gospel gives us something else to consider when we pray and that is the importance of persistence. We are told that if an unjust judge can be intimidated into action then how much more will a loving God give to those who ask him? It reassures us that God will answer our prayers if we persist.

Prayer is letting God know you cannot live without him: God, I can’t do this day with out you, God, I can’t handle this situation without you, God, I can’t deal with this relationship without you. Praying to God in this way will not make our problems go away but it will give us the grace to face them. St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, ‘Prayer is the oil that keeps the flame of faith burning brightly.’

Do we persist in prayer? How often do we stop praying saying we are too busy? The Responsorial Psalm for this Sunday tells us ‘Our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.’ Do we believe this? The First Reading for this Sunday tells us that when Moses raised his hands, he was winning the battle. If we persist in raising our hands in prayer to God each day then we too will win whatever battles life chooses to throw at us.

Fr. Alan