Plenary Council 2020

The Parish Pastoral Council, on behalf of the parish, is endorsing a Joint Parish Statement of 26 Melbourne Parishes re the upcoming Plenary Council.

The Statement addresses 9 changes it would like to see happen at the Plenary Council which begins in October 2020 and concludes with a second session, in May 2021.

Phase 2 in the lead-up to Session 1 of the Plenary Council is the ‘Discernment’ Phase. This will happen over the next 6 months and began on September 1.

On Sunday November 17, after the 10.00am Mass, the Parish will consider each of the 6 themes from the previous ‘Listening and Dialogue’ phase using the discernment process outlined on the Plenary Council website.

It involves small groups reflecting on one of the themes and a relevant scripture passage – listening to and sharing with each other – before suggesting a number of actions. They will be written up in a brief summary.

These responses will be sent to the Plenary Council, after which the key Writing and Discernment Groups will meet, to reflect on them and publish thematic papers fleshing out an agenda for the Plenary Council. (Interviews of the 400 applicants for the Writing and Discernment Groups are currently being conducted.)

A small group of parishioners currently comprised of Nick Loftus (PPC), Fr Alan and Sr Moira will be responsible for coordinating our Parish’s ‘Listening and Discernment’ Session.

If you’re open to helping them organise this Session – on Sunday November 17, 11.00am – please contact the PPC.