Safeguarding Committee News

Following the recent Parish consultation period, updated versions of the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Code of Conduct have now been adopted for the Parish. The revised documents are now available on this website website in a new Safeguarding web page which brings together all content on this topic.

In the next few weeks all volunteers will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct form and a Volunteers Rights and Responsibilities form. This will be able to be done either by post or online. I will be back in contact soon to explain how this can be done.

The eSafety Commissioner has recently published a free e-book resource ‘Online safety for grandparents and carers’ which provides advice about online safety issues that children and young people may experience. This resource provides “key advice about online safety issues that can affect children and young people” including practical tips to help grandparents and carers to talk about these issues. Grandparents and carers can order (for free) a hard copy or download and view the resource online.