St. Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Appeal

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Our Malvern Conference of St Vincent de Paul has been operating continuously for the past 124 years. Our core work during each of these years has been the home visitation program where local parish members visit and usually financially assist people in need.

Our members have assisted many families in this way, we help out people who have fallen on hard times. Not on an ongoing basis but by way of short-term assistance or advice. Our focus is to give a hand up not a handout. National statistics show us that many families are only 3 wage packets away from financial hardship- one parent gets sick or the family income earner is retrenched and suddenly the family finds themselves unable to cope. People who thought. “it will never happen to me” end up having to call on the Society for assistance.

We provide this assistance by paying school or utility expenses and by giving shopping vouchers so they can get some of the short-term assistance they need, and at Christmas we have provided hampers.

This Christmas we will again provide a Christmas gift, for the 124th time. However, times have changed. We find that people prefer the independence offered by the gifting of Supermarket Shopping Vouchers, rather than restrictive hampers. This year we will provide a small Christmas Gift such as a Christmas Cake with a suitable amount of shopping vouchers.

In order to do this, we are asking for your financial support. Collection envelopes are on the seats or may be obtained from the St Vincent de Paul collectors who will be selling Calendars and Christmas Cards at the end of Mass.

If you have any further questions, please email us.