Taking The Risk (Part One)

Over the years many people had tried to cross the Niagara Falls doing daredevil acts. Some would put a tightrope up and no net. As a result a number of people lost their lives.

One day a particular daredevil took it a step further He decided he wasn’t just going to walk with a stick over the wire, on the wire. He was going to wheel a barrow, a wheelbarrow, over it. And that’s what he began to do. And he wheeled the wheelbarrow in front of him. He began to push it across the precipice. And beside him were those huge falls and the screaming water full of thunder. And the people on the other side were breathless, and they were holding their breath and hoping that he would make it. And every now and then he seemed to tip a little here and tip a little there, but finally he made it and a great cheer went up. And a man ran up to him and he said, “That was wonderful. I knew you could do it. I have faith in you.” And then the daredevil looked at him, he said, “If you’ve got faith in me how about jumping in the barrow and I’ll take you back.”

Our Gospel this Sunday represents a continuation of last Sunday’s Gospel where Jesus returned to Nazareth where had grown up. Because his
reputation had spread throughout the countryside he was given the honour of reading the scroll from the prophet Isaiah. We were told that all eyes in the synagogue were fixed on him. People were impressed. They began to wonder could this be the Messiah we have been waiting for such a long time? However, they then started to murmur. The Messiah could not possibly come as a humble itinerant preacher who was the son of a carpenter. And Jesus knew that: that the people of Nazareth were asked to put their whole lives into the hands of a human being. He knew this was the reason why they began to reject him.

The problem that the people of Nazareth faced then is the same problem we face today when it comes to our relationship with Jesus. We give him courage for being a great teacher, we give him adoration for being the Son of God, but will we take the risk and place ourselves in his hands and live our lives the way he wants us to live them?