Thank You

Thank you to everyone who generously donated goods and vouchers to the international students we were supporting. Twenty-five families were provided with a care package last week. The 100 Coffee Movement whom we teamed with picked up the goods, packed the goods into care packages and delivered them to the students.  

We are still collecting, the need is ongoing, so if you can slip a couple of extra groceries in your trolley and drop them off at the parish office, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

We received the following messages of thanks:

“Thank you so much… God bless you and your family always, this means so much. It’s like having sunshine in the middle of the storm, thank you”

 “Thank you so much, you saved our food for 2 whole weeks”    

 “My husband and I really appreciate your kindness”

“I’ve just got the food, thank you so much”