The Dance

When I did a Formation Course in Ireland in 2002 one of the most enjoyable days was Sacred Dance. There was no lecture. There was just music, and we spent the day dancing. They were group dances and with each dance we learnt that day a similar pattern emerged. When we commenced our movements were awkward and totally out of sync with each other. However, by the end as the learning of the dance took hold in us, we were moving as one.

This image of the dance I find to be a useful one when I reflect upon the mystery of the Trinity. During the recently concluded Easter Season we reflected upon all that God has done for us. On this Feast Day we are invited to reflect upon who God is and what God is inviting us to. The Trinity tells us what is most fundamental about God.

God is three persons in one God who are in love with each other that they move and work together in perfect harmony. This is what God invites us into.

In marriage, the marriage is strong when the two people in the marriage remain open to the mystery of the other. In the same way The Trinity is not a problem for us to try and solve but rather we are called to continually contemplate its mystery. As St Augustine put it, ‘If you understand, it is not God.’ It is a mystery to be pondered and a gift to be received. If we remain open this is where our relationship with God remains strongest.

The community of love that the Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit hold out to us calls us to take hold of that divine image in our hearts and seek to form and be part of communities of love, no matter where we find ourselves. Sometimes our steps may be awkward and the ideal impossibly high but if we commit to work together and are willing to learn from each other, then the possibility of moving together in close harmony increases.